I am taking on this challenge as a way to showcase my branding and design skills. I was thinking of ways to get visitors to better see my capabilities and I thought that it would be easier if we all started at the same place: the beginning. I chose to design a familiar product so that the process can be more relatable to the viewer. I chose to rebrand the fictitious company, “Dunder Mifflin” from the American TV show, “The Office”.


Here are some of the first logo “concepts” that I came up with. The logo design process is fun but it can also be challenging. Put yourself in the mind frame of the team tasked with deciding the direction of the new brand for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Which design do you like the best?


You can’t pick them all. In this case, I narrowed it down to four designs.


Logo 1 really makes me think about blank sheets of paper and has a clean design. It’s one of the concepts that already feels the most complete (doesn’t always mean it’s the best) and doesn’t need to be worked out further. The 3 colors work well and overlapping paper sheets in the design add some flair.

Logo 2 is also one that feels complete already. It is closer to the style of the original but it adds additional dimensions to the classic design of the original logo. Paper, multiple sheets of paper, and a box can all be seen in the design.

The concepts are different but also have similarities. Which logo design would you select?